Player 1 in left

The Roman Centurion, known as "Beast Warrior" (獣戦士 Juusenshi) in Japan, is the hero of the game Altered Beast who tries to save Athena from Neff by the orders of Zeus. When he collects an Spirit Ball, he powers up.

  • Level 1 (Normal Body): The form Centurions starts with, an average man able to walk, punch, kick, crouch and jump.
  • Level 2 (Muscle Body): His body becomes more muscular, causing his shirt to tear open and his attacks to do more damage.
  • Level 3 (Maximum Body): His body grows to a near superhuman physique. He has the same attack strength but now walks faster.

Two Centurions. Player 2 in the right.

  • Level 4 (Transformation): The Centurion transforms into the were beast set for the current stage, which include:
    • Wolf: Has a weak but ranged fireball attack and a powerful vertical thrust.
    • Dragon: Releases electric beams from his mouth and is able to generate an electric barrier around the body to harm close enemies. Same damage as Wolf, but is able to fly.
    • Bear: No ranged attacks. His breath is able to turn enemies into stone and has a jumping rolling attack.
    • Tiger: Fireball that travels in zig-zag and does more damage when player is crouching. 
    • Gold Wolf: Same as Wolf, but stronger and faster.
    • Lion: NES version only.
    • Shark: NES version only.
    • Phoenix: NES version only.

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