Altered beast minotaur by lycans57

Minotaur is one of Luke's Usable beast forms That First Appears In Altered Beast (2005).


He is Obtainable After Defeating Balrog And is Freely Usable For Luke.


The Minotaur Is depicted As a Fiery Bull, He wears Armor, Some of which are buried Into his Flesh Along With A Notable Scar On his chest And also has Horns too.


The Minotaur has the power of fire that allows him to burn his enemies with either his fists or horns.

  • Charge Attack: Unlike the Wolf, the Minotaur starts running at a slow pace than increases in speed as long as it doesn't run into a wall.
  • Hardening Skin: He can transform into an iron statue to prevent damage.
  • Fire Breath: He can breathe fire and burn his opponents.