Project Altered Beast (PS2) Transformation Cut Scene - U.W.H00:06

Project Altered Beast (PS2) Transformation Cut Scene - U.W.H. TF 1

Altered beast uwh by lycans57



It bears a humanoid form but has no features that resemble a human being. Veins glow orange across its body.


The U.W.H has the power to control gravity. Allowing it to float across the battlefield with ease.

  • Gravity Combo: Possibly the most difficult combo to master in the game but also the most powerful. Able to Instant Kill enemies and cause massive damage to bosses if successfully completed.
  • Gravity Crush: U.W.H. literally flips the entire world upside down and stops time in the process. All enemies are then stuck to the floor until the U.W.H tabs them to fall off. When the attack ends, the world flips over again and all enemies tabbed are dead.

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