Project Altered Beast (PS2) Transformation Cut Scene - Wendigo 100:06

Project Altered Beast (PS2) Transformation Cut Scene - Wendigo 1

Altered beast wendigo by lycans57

Wendigo Is a New beast That Appeared In Project Altered Beast. He is a playable beast.


The Wendigo Chip Can be obtained after defeating Sasquatch. Once obtained, the Wendigo is unlocked and can be used at any times.


The Wendigo is bigger in size compared to the rest of the beasts. Covered in white fur and a lot of muscle mass, The Wendigo Very much Resembles a Yeti Rather than an Actual wendigo.


The Wendigo bears the element of Ice, giving it the ability to command the cold and can even freeze enemies in their tracks. He can Also Lift up Heavy Objects such as boulders and cars.

  • Ice Boulders:
  • Freeze Breath:

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